Wednesday, August 22, 2012

KCook @ Bar Lubitsch: An Ode To My Musical Roomie

Kristen Cook @ Bar Lubitsch

Alas, I was unable to attend last night, but I was there in spirit. Kristen has a residency with Bar Lubitsch, and it's clear they love having her - she spreads the love, the light, the music, wherever she goes.

The very talented David Celia (also the incredible drummer of The Mason Affair) accompanied Kristen last night, in the red luscious interiors (aptly named "Red Room") of this vodka bar venue.

I know her tunes like the back of my hand; having heard them in clips, being masterfully constructed - raw and emotive, straight from the secrets of her heart. Plinky plunked out on the piano, sung acapella in our living room, strummed out softly on her ukulele in the backyard or on a beach adventure. And then I've heard them live, in full glory - sometimes just her lone, strong voice, other times with a full band of musical friends for a rich, enveloping sound.

I don't know specifically what she played last night (though I know she rocked out on the electric guitar - you go woman!!), so I'll just speculate with some of my favorites:

"Makin' the Best" - I hum this tune to myself constantly - when things are good, when things are bad, it's hard to ignore the simplicity of this sweet song's message: life is a gift, live it up no matter what! Another with this same shiny, positive vibe is "Keep the Light Going."

"Longest Red" - if you ever make it to a KCook show - and you should - and someone yells out "Longest Red!" in request - it's me. This song saunters along in a sexy minor key with a seductive beat, touching on the everyday, and at times ridiculous, flirtations most girls experience at one point or another. The lyrics are fun, the idea easy, and it is, to this day, my favorite Kristen Cook original.

"It Broke" - goosebumps crawl up my arms when I think about this song. I know when it was written, the surrounding feelings. I also know my own at the time, and something everyone has felt and can relate to in life. This song is a beautifully poetic metaphor of the pain we all feel in our chest, that has nothing to do with physical health.

There are many more that I can go on forever about, but I'll keep some mystery until her next show. She's also killer at Johnny Cash (and sometimes June Carter) covers. Oh, and you'll be wild with glee if she treats you to her cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity" - she knows every flippin' word!

**for you San Diego folks: she's playing Ruby Tuesdays @ The Ruby Room on 8/28 - watch her and other female-led acts kick some serious booty**

until next time! xx


  1. You did it again Jillie... You're making me want to hear all of this music!

  2. <3 Kristen is definitely one to hear for sure...would love for you to come to a show with me sometime Linds!! xo


    Such a lovely review my dear. Thank you!

  4. anytime my love - excited to do a post for a show of yours where i am actually in attendance! ;) xo